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Watch National Leader Rod Taylor

Crossing Our Jordan In 2016


Press Conference

CHP Canada calls on the Minister
of Indigenous and Northern Affairs
to Oppose Bill C-14

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Press Conference

Good Doctors vs. Bad Laws:
Conscience Protection for
Healthcare Professionals

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CHP Leader urges all members
to call their MPs;

Defend Human Life With
New Law

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Watch All Our

TV Ads

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Watch The Ad

Assisted Suicide

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Watch The Ad

Human Life Has Value

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As aired on CBC Free Time

Three Solutions

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As aired on CBC Free Time

Four Solutions

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As aired on CBC Free Time

Two Minutes


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21 Jul2016
Surrey Centre - EDA Executive Meeting for July (BC)

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18 Aug2016
Surrey Centre - EDA Executive Meeting for August (BC)

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10 Sep2016
Surrey Centre - Annual CHP Family Picnic (BC)

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15 Sep2016
Surrey Centre - EDA Executive Meeting for September (BC)

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curso preparatório para o enem e vestibulares

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20 Oct2016
Surrey Centre - EDA Executive Meeting for October (BC)

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Democracy and our Constitution

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